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Exploration and Mining Geology Services for Coal

Exploration and Mining Geology Services for Coal

Finding the mines of tomorrow


Successful exploration relies on efficiently managing exploration programs based on the effective application and interpretation of geology, geochemistry, and geophysics to generate and test exploration targets. Our core exploration services include design of exploration and drilling programs, exploration management, QA/QC procedures, review of exploration and drilling projects, economic assessments, and project evaluations.

In addition to these core offerings, our specialized services include advanced structural interpretation skills, the ability to connect mineral systems to the structural setting, systematic deposit targeting, and 3D modeling. We specialize in the development of process-driven conceptual models to identify and improve the understanding of your mineral targets.

In many geological terrains around the world, exploration is becoming much more focused on discovering deeper or “blind” deposits, as the scope for targeting easily accessible areas is becoming more limited. Delivering exploration success in deep targeting requires a much more reliable understanding of the geometry of structures in all three dimensions. This need is driving the development and application of 3D modeling and 3D visualization technologies (for example, GoCAD, Geomodeller, and MineX software packages), ensuring that mineralization targets are defined by multiple exploration and mining parameters, and are directly focused on adding value to the project.

These new technologies are essential tools for effective 3D exploration. However, their use is not yet widespread because of the perceived cost and time required to develop expertise. We use these and other cutting-edge 3D geological and geophysical modeling methods, and are also undertaking research and development of our own. This gives us a distinct advantage in providing the best solutions for your projects.


  • Exploration project management and supervision
  • Designing exploration and drilling programs and studies, with Standard Operation Procedures tailored to fulfill listing requirements for major stocks markets
  • Tailored on-site QA/QC training with a focus on JORC Code or NI43-101 Standards
  • Database creation and management for exploration projects and mines
  • Mine extension planning and evaluation
  • Property and project evaluations, assessments and audits
  • Detailed structural analysis, from basin to ore deposit-scale, emphasizing 3D controls
  • Advanced geophysical and geological interpretation of remote sensing data
  • Exploration risk evaluations

Example Projects

Client: Peabody Energy
Project: Greenfield coal exploration program in Xinjiang Province, China.
Outcome: SRK managed and ran QA/QC for the exploration program to ensure it was done according to Peabody’s high standard for quality on projects.

Client: Xinjiang Huahong Mining Investment Company Ltd
Project: Xinjiang Huahong QA/QC and Resource Estimation.
Outcome: SRK designed and managed an exploration program complying with JORC Code standards to establish resources. In 36 days, 34 boreholes were drilled using 24 rigs to a total depth of 6,475 m. The project was fully implemented within 5 months of contract signing, including drilling and laboratory assays, and resources were established.

Client: Yidong Group
Project: 7 Coal Mine resources reconciliation from Chinese Standard to JORC Code Standard.
Outcome: SRK designed and implemented a program utilizing theexisting drilling database together with infill and confirmation drilling to prove the compliances of existing resources with JORC Code standards. The resources were successfully established.

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