Exploration QA-QC

The key factors for the best possible confidence in mineral resource and reserve estimation includes: appropriate sample collection, sample processing, sample assay as well as the exploration work which should satisfy the requirement of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC). The quality of an estimate depends on the quality of the data base used.


SRK experienced personnel will provide QA/QC guild lines based on the data review and the site visit conducted for the project.

SRK will perform data review and auditing during all project phase and will advice on quality control procedures to make sure the data base used for resource estimation is up to international standards, such as JORC or CIM.

In the exploration phase, SRK will assign geologists to work on site as the supervisor for the QA/QC.

For reviewing and auditing the original data base, SRK has a full set of technical requirements and procedures to assure the quality and confidence of the data based used.

SRK experienced consultants will provide professional data analysis, geological modelling as well as resource estimation.


Our resource consultants have rich and extensive experience in exploration of all solid mineral deposits. They are familiar with the international QA/QC standards and have the capability of QA/QC data analysis. SRK China has completed some exploration program both in and outside of China. These exploration projects are conducted with compliance of the technical requirements of international standards. The resource estimations based on the data base are highly appraised by our clients.


  • Independent review of QA/QC procedures and databases to ensure compliance with international reporting codes
  • Recommendations on QA/QC procedures from sampling to assay and data.
  • QA/QC for exploration project
  • Build-up, audit, interpretation and management of data base
  • Resource estimation

Contact Person for this service: Yuan Chen, Principal Geologist

Feature Projects

1. Client:  Adidaya Tanguh in Indonesia

Project: Iron exploration property in Taliabu Island Indonesia

Brief Introduction:

Based on the area aeromagnetic survey method, SRK team helped the client to find the outcrop of a magnetitie property in Taliabu Indonesia. The initial exploration started in May of 2008, and SRK got involved in November 2008 After the involvement of SRK, all aspects of the exploration including the exploration design, the exploration work, sampling, sample assay, sample processing and test, as well as the management of date base are all compliant with the QA/QC technical guideline required by SRK. The exploration had satisfactory result. Till December 2012, the exploration for the area I, area II, area E and area F has been completed. SRK has already finished the JORC compliant Resource Reports for area I, area II and area E. Area II is already listed in China stock market. The mine infrastructure for area I and area II is under construction. At present, SRK is working on the resource report for Area F. At the same time, SRK is conducting the QA/QC for the exploration of Aear I.

2. Client:

Project: Rich Resource Development of Mongolia

Brief Introduction: The Exploration of Qinbayin Molybdenum Project

Based on the data provided by Mongolia local geological team, Rich Resource Development Ltd started its own exploration from 2006. From May 2008, SRK was invited to proved technical assistance in this project. Since then, SRK provided resolution for some problems encountered in the exploration and also provided technical guidelines for the QA/QC process. At the same time, SRK also reviewed the exploration plan and gave technical advice. After all these technical involvement from SRK, the exploration made a breakthrough in the resource estimation. SRK submitted JORC Compliant Resource Report for this project in March 2011.Till end of 2011, this project has developed into a medium-sized molybdenum deposit. Right now the mine construction has been completed and the production already started.


Contacts for this service

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