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Qiuji Huang

Principal Consultant (Mining, Group Manager)
Qiuji Huang
SRK Beijing
B315 Cofco Plaza, No.8, Jianguomennei Av. Dongcheng District. 100005 Beijing, PRC.
+86 10 6511 1000
+86 10 8512 0385

Qiuji Huang, B.Eng, FAusIMM, MCSM, MCGA, is a Principal Consultant (Mining). Prior to joining SRK, he was the technical department manager for a number of gold mines in southwest China, where he was responsible for mine development and mining design. He later joined the Gold Administration Bureau of Guangxi Province and the Guangxi Branch of National Gold, where he was in charge of review, purchasing, planning, and production management. Qiuji has more than 33 years of mining experience, including deposit development and planning, open-pit mining, underground mining, mine design, and consultation, with the commodities involved ranging from precious metals (Au, Ag) to non-ferrous metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, W, Mo), ferrous metals (Fe, Mn), and other metal deposits as well as non-metallic deposits formed under different conditions (such as U, K, S, coal, and stone). He also has experience with mine technology and review, mine construction, production testing, mine management, among other areas. Since joining SRK, Qiuji has worked in more than 20 countries—spanning Asia, Africa, and South America—and has been involved in many due diligence studies, including CNNC, CITIC DAMENG, CNMC, DAYE Non-Ferrous Metal Mining, and Hengshi Mining Investments, all of which have been listed successfully on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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