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Guidelines on Caving Mining Methods: The Underlying Concepts

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SRK News | Issue 56Caving


In 2000, International Caving Study (ICS) published a practical manual on block caving by Dr. Dennis Laubscher. This first comprehensive block caving publication was co-authored by several industry experts, including Dr. Alan Guest and Jarek Jakubec of SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. Unfortunately, the distribution of this publication was not widely available. Meanwhile the demand for practical guidelines on cave mining was increasing as new projects developed. Mass Mining Technology (MMT) recommended that Dr. Laubscher, Dr. Guest and Jarek Jakubec undertake this task. In 2017, the design book ‘Guidelines on Caving Mining Methods’ was published as a practical tool for cave mining by The University of Queensland. 

Pictured above: Jarek Jakubec and Dr. Alan Guest

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