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Long-term structural mapping project at Konttijärvi Platinum Group Elements deposit.Konttijarvi
SRK’s Paul Hodkiewicz, geologist (second from left), with Gold Fields and Arctic Platinum geologists at the Konttijärvi Platinum Group Elements (PGE) deposit, on the Arctic Circle in central Finland. This long-term project started out as a regional structural interpretation of the Portimo Layered Igneous Complex, and later developed into a program of detailed mapping of trench exposures to delineate deposit-scale structural and hydrothermal controls on remobilized PGE mineralization.

SRK provided extensive assessments and valuations for the successful bid on British coal assets.British Coal
The projects associated with privatizing British Coal's assets in 1994/5 were pivotal in developing SRK (UK). On behalf of R J Budge (RJB Mining) and Barclays (BZW), SRK deployed a team of over 50 engineers, geologists and environmental scientists to assess and value 144 mine properties, including all underground and open pit mines in England, Wales and Scotland. As a result, RJB Mining, with a syndicate of banks led by BZW, bid successfully for the English coal assets and formed UK Coal.

SRK designed and monitored the hydrological network around Penderyn Quarry.Penderyn Quarry
To access resources below the water table, Hanson Quarry Products needed not only to monitor the effects on the local environment but protect a Site of Special Scientific Interest and an abstraction borehole. Beginning in 1996, SRK established the baseline conditions before dewatering and subsequently designed and installed a monitoring network. Dewatering began in 1999 and monitoring continues today under SRK’s management.

SRK worked extensively on feasibility and design for Lisheen lead and zinc mine in Ireland.Lisheen
The Lisheen lead-zinc feasibility and design studies, undertaken between 1991 and 1999 in Ireland, helped establish SRK as a significant force in the UK and Europe with developers and the financial community. From this early stage, SRK was involved in a number of technical assessments for the conceptual mine design. SRK continued to provide assistance into the construction phase for new stakeholders.

SRK worked on over 150 quarries and designed new software to meet new regulations.UK Quarries
The 1999 UK Quarries Regulations require all surface mineral operators to appraise the stability of their excavations, tips, stockpiles and lagoons. Since 2001, SRK has carried out geotechnical assessments of over 150 quarries throughout the UK, and this work continues. Our in-house computer program, QRisk, was developed specifically to examine the risk profile of hard rock quarries.

SRK works with WISMUT in closure and remediation of uranium districts in former East Germany.Wismut
SRK recently marked its tenth year as a consultant on the projects being carried out by WISMUT GmbH, in the former East Germany. The projects involve decommissioning, closure and remediation of three uranium mining districts. SRK has assisted WISMUT in developing and implementing closure and remediation projects with a total value of several hundred million dollars.

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