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Geochemical Inputs to Risk Based Environmental Baseline Assessment

S.B. Rees, K.D. Privett, Rob Bowell
Wednesday, June 27, 2001
First presented: 
'Securing the Future' International Conference on Mining and the Environment 2001
Published paper

Mining can have a wide range of impacts on the physical, social and economic environments and it has become an essential requirement for new projects to fully investigate these prior to commencement of operation. Environmental Baseline Assessments (EBAs) characterise the existing environment in and around the mine site. Traditionally, EBAs have not been risk based. However, the concepts involved can be readily placed within a tiered, risk-based framework, which ensures the correct data is gathered. Using examples from Africa, the Middle East and the UK, the concept of a Risk Based Environmental Baseline Assessment (RBEBA) is introduced.

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