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Recent Publications

These papers are available as Adobe PDF documents. If you don't already have Adobe's PDF reader, you can download it free.

  Mining Project Evaluation
  The use of NSR during the Fedorovo ARDML evaluation program
A. Fortygin, J. Martschuk, J. Robertson (Barrick), R. Bowell, M. Dey
  Comparison of the International Approaches to Mining Project Design & Permitting
Michael J Beare.  A paper presented at the Canadian Institute of Mining, Toronto Canada, 14 May 2009
Geology, Resources and Exploration
  Hard Coal Beyond Silesia
   K. Philpott.  An article on work undertaken by SRK (UK) Ltd at the Bogdanka coal mine eastern Poland.
  Geochemical controls on uranium precipitation in calcrete palaeochannel deposits in Namibia
R.J. Bowell, A. Barnes, J. Grogan & Matt Dey.  A paper presented at the 24th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium, Fredericton Canada, 1st-4th June 2009.
The Role of Pre-existing Veining in the Localization of Auriferous Vein Systems: Examples from the Canadian Shield (Abstract & Presentation)
James Siddorn - Abstract
  The Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic data: A Geologist's Perspective (Abstract & Presentation)
James Siddorn - Abstract
Tectonic controls on the distribution of large copper and gold deposits in Southeast Asia to identify productive and non-productive structures (SGA2009 - The 10th Biennial Meeting of The SGA, Townsville, Australia – extended abstract)
Bert De Waele, Peter Williams, Gavin Chan
Presentation to Minex 2008 Master Class on Geology
Alexander Polonyankin, Senior Resource Geologist
Upward Ancillary Kimberlite Pipe Growth in the Venetia Cluster (9th International Kimberlite Conference Extended Abstract No. 9IKC-A-00026, 2008)
Wayne Barnett, Stephan Kurszlaukis, Mark Tait, Paul Dirks
  An Introduction to Mining Business Improvement Initiatives - Mapping the Steps to Increased Profit
Mike Beare, Presentation at Minex Conference, Moscow, 30th September - 2nd October 2009
  SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd support article on Mine Ventilation
Contributions from Jurgen Fuykschot, Mining Magazine, July/August 2010
  Strategic Mine Planning:  Flexible Mine Planning to meet changes in the Business Environment
Jurgen Fuykschot, Presentation at Minex Conference 30th September - 2nd October 2009
  Mine Reconciliation & Optimisation for Enhanced Mine Performance
Chris Bray, Presentation at Minex Conference 30th September - 2nd October 2009
  Session 3: Case Histories. General Report. 6th Intl Symp Geot Aspects Underg Constr Soft Ground, Shanghai, 121-129
Alejo Sfriso (2008)
Metro Tunnels in Buenos Aires: Design and Construction Procedures 1998 – 2007. 6th Intl Symp Geot Aspects Underg Constr Soft Ground, Shanghai, 335-341
Alejo Sfriso (2008)
Small-strain stiffness of the Pampeano Formation. IS-Atlanta 2008, IV Intl Symp Def Char Geomat I:237-244
Sfriso A, Sagüés P, Quaglia G, Quintela M, Ledesma O (2008)
Numerical Assessment of the Deformation of CFRD Dams During Earthquakes. 12th Intl Conf IACMAG CD:4054-4061
 Alejo Sfriso (2008)
The Friction Angle and Critical State Void Ratio of Sands. XVII ICSMGE, Alexandria, Egypt, 433-435
 Alejo Sfriso (2009)
Geomechanical evaluation of caving macro-block options at Chuquicamata Underground Project in Chile using three-dimensional numerical modelling
E. Hormazabal, F. Rovira
Analysis and design of slopes for Rajo Sur, an open pit mine next to the subsidence crater of El Teniente mine in Chile
E. Hormazabal, F. Rovira
Establishing a Site Specific Mining Geotechnical Logging Atlas (Paper and ppt)
 Bruce Murphy and Ryan Campbell - Abstract/Paper
Geotechnical Data Management using acQuire Workflows and Data Integrity
Bruce Murphy and M.J. Murphy
Mining Related Environmental
  New Closure Guidance Published by ICMM: Planning for Integrated Mine Closure
Dawn H. Garcia
Compliance Cyanide Code
Dawn H Garcia
Overiew of International Mine Closure Guidelines
Dawn H. Garcia
Closure at the San Manuel Plant Site, Arizona, USA
How Closure Aligned with the Goal of Environmental Sustainability
Dawn H. Garcia and Terry Braun
Findings of International Review of Soil Cover Design and Construction Practices for Mine Waste Closure
Maritz Rykaart, Daryl Hockley, Michel Noel, Michael Paul (2)
Comparative Study of Surface Flux Boundary Models to Design Soil Covers for Mine Waste Facilities
Michel Noel and Maritz Rykaart
The Integrity of Cover Systems - An Update
Maritz Rykaart, G.W. Wilson, D.J. Williams
Closure of Remote Historic Underground Mines in Desert Environments (ppt)
James Cremeens, Michael Rauschkolb
An Approach to Closure Planning and Design (Summary and ppt)
 Dave Bentel - Abstract
Passive Treatment: A Walk Away Solution?
B. Rees, R. Bowell, Dr. Keith Williams, Dr Mathew Dey.
  Removal of Arsenic (III) from Contaminated Waters using Iron (II) and Citrate.
  J. Geroni, D. Sapsford, K. Williams (Cardiff University), R. Bowell, M. Dey
  The assessment of the ARD potential for a 'Climax' type porphyry molybdenum deposit in a high Arctic environment.
A. Barnes, R. Bowell, M. Dey, J. Grogan, R. Annells, D. Thomas, D. J. Sapsford, K. Williams (Cardiff University), J. Kofoed (Quadra)
  Geochemichal evaluation of heap rinsing of the Gold Acres Heap, Cortez joint venture, Nevada.
R.J. Bowell, J.V. Parshley, G. McClelland, B. Upton, G. Zhan, 5th April 2009
  Implications for Social and Environmental Assessment
  Fiona Cessford, Mining & Environmental Management Article, April 2009
  Performance of a Successive Alkalinity Producing System (SAPS)
B. Rees.  A paper presented at the 'Securing the Future' International Conference on Mining and the Environment, June 27th - July 1st 2001, Skelleftea Sweden.
  Geochemical Inputs to Risk Based Environmental Baseline Assessment
B. Rees.  A paper presented at the 'Securing the Future' International Conference on Mining and the Environment , June 27th - July 1st 2001, Skelleftea Sweden.
Geochemical Predictions of Metal Leaching and Acid Generation: Geologic Controls & Baseline Assessment
R. Bowell, B. Rees and J.Parshely.  Article included in a US Publication "Geology of the Great Basins".
  Sulphate and salt minerals: the problem of treating mine waste
R.  Bowell.  An article on the aspects of mine waste treatment for the May 2000 issue of Mining & Environmental Management.
  ARD in waste rock: preventative methods
R. Bowell.  An article on the aspects of mine waste treatment for the May 2000 issue of Mining & Environmental Management.
Water Management
  The importance of a good Mine Water Balance and the benefit of early data collection.
J.Griffiths, R. Connelly, W. Harding, Mining Magazine, July 2008
  Minewater Expertise Is Now On Tap For All
Read how SRK (UK) Ltd can solve problems of minewater contamination and those of contaminated land remediation.
SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd support article on Water Management
Contributions from Dr. R J Bowell, Mining Magazine, July/August 2010
Groundwater Flow Modelling Applications in Mining: Scopes and Limitations
Claudia Martínez, Karem de la Hoz, Cristian Pereira
Use of Numerical Groundwater Modelling for Mine Dewatering Assessment
Claudia Martínez, Vladimir Ugorets


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