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  Mining Project Evaluation
  Project Valuations - SRK's View
PDF Icon small Grant Malensek. Presented at Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference, April 28, 2015.
The Use of NSR During the Fedorovo ARDML Evaluation Program
A. Fortygin, J. Martschuk, J. Robertson (Barrick), R. Bowell, M. Dey, 2009
Geology, Resources and Exploration
  Grade Modelling with Local Anisotropy Angles: A Practical Point of View
David F. Machuca-Mory, Harri Rees, Oy Leuangthong, APCOM 2015
The Art and Science of Geology: Resource Models – More than Just Grades Stuffed into Blocks
Chad Yuhasz, CIM 2015
Gold Mineralisation Along the Nam Xiang Fault, Vieng Kham project, Northeast Laos
M Greentree, M J M Cunningham, J H Liu, 2015
Radial Basis Functions and Kriging – A Gold Case Study
D Kentwell, 2014
Reserves Estimation and Influences on Coal Seam Gas Productivity in Eastern Australian Basins
Bruce McConachie, 2015
Mine Scale Constrained Geophysical Inversion; A Case Study at the Darlot-Centenary Gold Mine
Sarah Monoury, Ben Jupp (SRK Consulting), Andrew Foley (Gold Fields), 2015
Unconstrained vs Geologically Constrained Inversion Modelling
Ben Jupp and Sarah Monoury, 2014

Changes in Chinese Investment in the International Minerals Industry
Matthew Greentree, Louis Bucci, Gavin Chan, AusImm Bulletin Dec, 2013
New Insights on West African Tectonics and Iron Mineralisation Based on Zircon U-Pb SHRIMP Geochronology and Structural Mapping
Bert De Waele, Mathieu Lacorde, Fabio Vergara, Gavin Chan. Presented by Bert De Waele at the Whistler 2013: Geoscience for Discovery Conference, 2013. 
Multi-element Ratios to Define Estimation Domains
Robin Simpson, 2013
The Digital Mapping Revolution: How to Get the Best Out of Data Capture in the Field
Dr. Bert De Waele. Presented at the AIG Advances in Exploration and Ore Deposit Geochemistry Conference, 2013
Advanced Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data: Applied Indirect Exploration Targeting
James Siddorn, 2013
The Miriam Case: A New Type of Uranium Deposit within the Carboniferous Sandstone-hosted Uranium Mineralisation of the Arlit Agadez province, Tim Mersoi Basin, Niger
Henri Sanguinetti, Tiemogo Mahaman, Ibrahim Awouami, Daniel Guibal, Robert Bowell, Peter Gleeson, June 2013
Chinese Exploration Standards and Philosophy: Implication for Outbound Investment
Matthew Greentree and Gavin Chan, May 2013
Project Studies - Setting It Up for Success
Simon Hanrahan, October 2012
Kimberlite Sills and Dykes Associated with the Wesselton Kimberlite Pipe, Kimberly, South Africa
Wayne Barnett, J.L. White, R.S.J. Sparks, K. Bailey, M. Field, L. Windsor, 2012
Kimberlite Wall Rock Fragmentation Processes: Venetia K08 Pipe Development
Wayne Barnett, Stephan Kurszlaukis, Mark Tait, Paul Dirks, 2011
Coal in Columbia - World Coal Magazine
  Article written by Paul Bright, Principal Coal Geologist, February 2011
Geochemical Controls on Uranium Precipitation in Calcrete Palaeochannel Deposits in Namibia
R.J. Bowell, A. Barnes, J. Grogan & Matt Dey.  Presented at the 24th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium, Fredericton Canada, 1st-4th June 2009
The Role of Pre-existing Veining in the Localization of Auriferous Vein Systems: Examples from the Canadian Shield (Abstract & Presentation)
James Siddorn - Abstract , 2010
Mapping and 3D Modelling of Structural Controls in the Chirano Gold Deposits, Ghana: Keys to Better Resource Delineation and Near-mine Exploration Targeting
Shane Kenworthy, K Noormohamed, H Stuart, P Hodkiewicz, 2009
Tectonic Controls on the Distribution of Large Copper and Gold Deposits in Southeast Asia to Identify Productive and Non-productive Structures (Extended Abstract)
Bert De Waele, Peter Williams, Gavin Chan, 2009. Presented at the 10th Biennial Meeting of The SGA, Townsville, Australia
Presentation to Minex 2008 Master Class on Geology
Alexander Polonyankin
Upward Ancillary Kimberlite Pipe Growth in the Venetia Cluster
Wayne Barnett, Stephan Kurszlaukis, Mark Tait, Paul Dirks. 9th International Kimberlite Conference Extended Abstract No. 9IKC-A-00026, 2008
  Application of Conditional Simulation in Determining the Spatial Distribution of Metallurgical Testwork
Joled Nur, Leonardo Palma, Mine Planning Seminar, 2015 – Presentation only available in Spanish
Quality or Quantity? Do You Understand Your Orebody?
A Ebbels, 2014
So You Have It Crushed and On a Conveyor - Now What? Optimizing Value through Ore Sorting
Bob McCarthy. Presented at IPCC 2014 in Johannesburg.
Grinding Circuit Improvements at the Evolution Mining Edna May Operation
Adrian Dance, Darren Atheis, Shane Williams, Damien Taplin, Edna May
Mudrush Risk Evaluation
Jarek Jakubec, CIM Journal, 2013
Role of Defects in Rock Mass Classification
Jarek Jakubec, 2013
Project Studies - Setting It Up for Success
Simon Hanrahan, October 2012
The Importance of Dilution Factor for Open Pit Mining Projects
Anoush Ebrahimi, P. Eng., Ph.D. - 2013
An Introduction to Mining Business Improvement Initiatives - Mapping the Steps to Increased Profit
Mike Beare. Presentation at Minex Conference, Moscow, 30th September - 2nd October 2009
SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd Support Article on Mine Ventilation
Contributions from Jurgen Fuykschot, Mining Magazine, July/August 2010
Strategic Mine Planning:  Flexible Mine Planning to Meet Changes in the Business Environment
Jurgen Fuykschot, Presentation at Minex Conference 30th September - 2nd October 2009
Mine Reconciliation & Optimisation for Enhanced Mine Performance
Chris Bray, Presentation at Minex Conference 30th September - 2nd October 2009
  Systematic Review and Compliance Audits of Ground Control Management Plans
Louie Human, 2015  
Gravity Flow: Stochastic Modelling for Mining Optimisation
W H Gibson, 2015

The Application of Rock Stress Inputs to Stability Assessments at Ok Tedi Mine, Papua New Guinea

I A de Bruyn, N R P Baczynski, M F Lee, K W Mills, J Mylvaganam and D A Prado, 2014
Geotechnical Models and Data Confidence in Mining Geotechnical Design
Michael Dunn, 2014
Stochastic Models for Gravity Flow: Numerical Considerations
W H Gibson, 2014
  Some Contributions to the Analysis of Piled-rafts Made Up by Self-drilling Piles Founded in a Tropical Soil of Brazil
Cristhian Mendoza, Renato da Cunha, Juan Carlos Ruge, A. Lizcano, 2014
Response of Intermediate Unsaturated Soils under Suction-controlled Plane Strain Conditions: A Preliminary Investigation
Jose Cruz, Laureano Hoyos, Arcesio Lizcano
Mining Geotechnics - A Glimpse into the Dark Art
Ian De Bruyn, 2014
The Cost of Uncertainty in Geotechnical Design and Implementation
Michael Dunn, 2013
Probabilistic Methods For Slope Analysis and Design
William Gibson, 2011
Considerations in the Optimisation of Bench Face Angle and Berm Width Geometries for Open Pit Mines 
Ian De Bruyn, William Gibson, Diane Walker, 2006
Rock Mass Strength Derived from Rock Mass Characterization
William Gibson, 2006
Uncertainty in Ground Support Design and Implementation in Underground Mining
Michael Dunn, 2013
Modelling Diffuse Instabilities in Sands under Drained Conditions
A.M. Ramos, J.E. Andrade, A. Lizcano, 2011
Criterion for Flow Liquifaction Instability
J.E. Andrade, A.M. Ramos, A. Lizcano, 2013
Quasistatic Rheology and Microstructural Description of Sheared Granular Materials Composed of Platy Particles
M. Boton, E. Azema, N. Estrada, F. Radjai and A. Lizcano, 2013
Session 3: Case Histories. General Report.
Alejo Sfriso, 2008. From the 6th International Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground, Shanghai.
Metro Tunnels in Buenos Aires: Design and Construction Procedures 1998 – 2007.
Alejo Sfriso, 2008. From the 6th International Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground, Shanghai.
Small-strain Stiffness of the Pampeano Formation.
Sfriso A, Sagüés P, Quaglia G, Quintela M, Ledesma O, 2008. IS-Atlanta 2008, IV Intl Symp Def Char Geomat I:237-244
Numerical Assessment of the Deformation of CFRD Dams During Earthquakes.
 Alejo Sfriso, 2008. 12th International Conference of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics
The Friction Angle and Critical State Void Ratio of Sands.
 Alejo Sfriso, 2009. XVII International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Alexandria, Egypt.
Geomechanical Evaluation of Caving Macro-block Options at Chuquicamata Underground Project in Chile using Three-dimensional Numerical Modelling
E. Hormazabal, F. Rovira, 2009
Analysis and Design of Slopes for Rajo Sur, an Open Pit Mine next to the Subsidence Crater of El Teniente Mine in Chile
E. Hormazabal, F. Rovira, 2009
Establishing a Site Specific Mining Geotechnical Logging Atlas (Paper and ppt)
Bruce Murphy and Ryan Campbell - Abstract/Paper, 2009
Geotechnical Data Management using acQuire Workflows and Data Integrity
Bruce Murphy and M.J. Murphy, 2009
Mining Related Environmental

The Risks of Excess Water on Tailings Facilities and Its Application to Dam-break Studies

H Rourke and D Luppnow, 2015
In-pit Tailings Disposal at Langer Heinrich – Tailings Storage Facilities in a Unique Hydrogeological Setting
C Hore and D Luppnow, 2015
The Rising Cost of Closure -- It's the Water and a lot More
Braun, Terry, CIM 2015
The Role of Natural Attenuation for Arsenic in Heap Leach Drainage
RJ Bowell, J Declercq, R Warrender, A Prestia, JR Barber, and JV Parshley - 27th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium, 2015
  Comparison of Actual and Calculated Lag Times in Humidity Cell Tests
Kelly Sexsmith, Dylan MacGregor, Andrew Barnes, ICARD 2015
Geochemical Characteristics of Oil Sand Tailings and Bitumen Upgrading By-Products, Alberta, Canada
Bronwen Forsyth, Stephen Day, Oladipo Omotoso (Suncor Energy Inc.), ICARD 2015
Setting ARD Management Criteria for Mine Wastes with Low Sulfide and Negligible Carbonate Content
Stephen Day, Chris Kennedy, ICARD 2015
Cost Benefit Analysis of Genomics for Mining
Chris Kennedy, CIM 2015
Biogeochemcial Selenium Sequestration in Unsaturated Coal Reject Piles
Chris Kennedy, Stephen Day, Daniel Mackie, Nicole Pesonen (Walter Energy), ICARD 2015
Weathering and Oxidation Rates in Black Shales – A Comparison of Laboratory Methods
C Linklater, A Watson, J Chapman, R Green and S Lee, 2015
Acid Mine Drainage Risk Assessment Utilising Drill- Hole Data and Geological Modelling Tools
C Linklater, A Hendry and J Chapman, 2015
Metals and Metalloids in Atmospheric Dust: Use of Lead Isotopic Analysis for Source Apportionment
Omar Felix
  Evaluation of RADARSAT-2 DInSAR Seasonal Surface Displacement in Discontinuous Permafrost Terrain, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Stephen A. Wolfe, Naomi H. Short, Peter D. Morse, Steve H. Schwarz and Christopher W. Stevens
  Lithalsa Distribution, Morphology and Landscape Associations in the Great Slave Lowland, Northwest Territories, Canada
Stephen A. Wolfe, Christopher W. Stevens, Adrian J. Gaanderse, Greg A. Oldenborger
  High-Resolution Mapping of Wet Terrain within Discontinuous Permafrost Using LiDAR Intensity
Christopher W. Stevens, Stephen A. Wolfe
  Selection Criteria for Two Alternative Thickened Slurries to be Deposited Over Conventional Tailings: Storage Capacity and Liquefaction
J J Moreno, N L Thompson, C J Hore, 2014
  Karara Iron Ore TSF - Design Considerations for a Unique Large Scale Dry Stack Facility
Cameron Hore and Dave Luppnow, 2014
What Determines Lag Times in Humidity Cell Tests
Kelly Sexsmith and Dylan MacGregor, 2014

Liquefaction Assessments of Tailings Facilities in Low-seismic Areas
Holly Rourke, Caroline Holmes, 2013
Management of Uranium Tailings
Dave Luppnow, 2013
Adequacy of Sampling for Acid Mine Drainage
D. Kentwell, A. Garvie, J. Chapman, 2012
Managing Social & Environmental Risk
Industrial Minerals Magazine, Fiona Cessford, October 2011
New Closure Guidance Published by ICMM: Planning for Integrated Mine Closure
Dawn H. Garcia, 2008
Compliance Cyanide Code
Dawn H Garcia, 2009
Overiew of International Mine Closure Guidelines
Dawn H. Garcia, 2008
Closure at the San Manuel Plant Site, Arizona, USA: How Closure Aligned with the Goal of Environmental Sustainability
Dawn H. Garcia and Terry Braun, 2007
Findings of International Review of Soil Cover Design and Construction Practices for Mine Waste Closure
Maritz Rykaart, Daryl Hockley, Michel Noel, Michael Paul (2), 2006
Comparative Study of Surface Flux Boundary Models to Design Soil Covers for Mine Waste Facilities
Michel Noel and Maritz Rykaart, 2003
The Integrity of Cover Systems - An Update
Maritz Rykaart, G.W. Wilson, D.J. Williams, 2003
Closure of Remote Historic Underground Mines in Desert Environments (ppt)
James Cremeens, Michael Rauschkolb, 2002
An Approach to Closure Planning and Design (Summary and ppt)
Dave Bentel - Abstract, 2007
Passive Treatment: A Walk Away Solution?
B. Rees, R. Bowell, Dr. Keith Williams, Dr Mathew Dey, 2001
Removal of Arsenic (III) from Contaminated Waters using Iron (II) and Citrate.
J. Geroni, D. Sapsford, K. Williams (Cardiff University), R. Bowell, M. Dey, 2009
The Assessment of the ARD Potential for a 'Climax' Type Porphyry Molybdenum Deposit in a High Arctic Environment.
A. Barnes, R. Bowell, M. Dey, J. Grogan, R. Annells, D. Thomas, D. J. Sapsford, K. Williams (Cardiff University), J. Kofoed (Quadra), 2009
Geochemical Evaluation of Heap Rinsing of the Gold Acres Heap, Cortez Joint Venture, Nevada.
R.J. Bowell, J.V. Parshley, G. McClelland, B. Upton, G. Zhan, 5th April 2009
Implications for Social and Environmental Assessment
Fiona Cessford, Mining & Environmental Management Article, April 2009

Performance of a Successive Alkalinity Producing System (SAPS)
B. Rees.  Presented at the 'Securing the Future' International Conference on Mining and the Environment, June 27th - July 1st 2001, Skelleftea Sweden.
Geochemical Inputs to Risk Based Environmental Baseline Assessment
B. Rees.  Presented at the 'Securing the Future' International Conference on Mining and the Environment , June 27th - July 1st 2001, Skelleftea Sweden.
Geochemical Predictions of Metal Leaching and Acid Generation: Geologic Controls & Baseline Assessment
R. Bowell, B. Rees and J.Parshley, 2000.  Article included in a US Publication "Geology of the Great Basins".
Sulphate and Salt Minerals: the Problem of Treating Mine Waste
R.  Bowell.  An article on the aspects of mine waste treatment for the May 2000 issue of Mining & Environmental Management.
ARD in Waste Rock: Preventative Methods
R. Bowell.  An article on the aspects of mine waste treatment for the May 2000 issue of Mining & Environmental Management.
Water Management
  Hydraulic Testing in Geothermal Waters with Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, Hycroft Mine, Nevada
Harmony Warren, Matt Banta, and Roger Howell, Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments 2015
  Pit Slope Optimization Based on Hydrogeologic Inputs
Evin G., Henriquez F. and Ugorets V.I. Presented at 24th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey.
Developing Mine Water Balance Models for Extreme Environments
David Hoekstra, Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments 2015
How good are results from small scale injection tests?: A comparison of results from two testing methods in deep bedrock at a Canadian arctic site.
Dan Mackie, John Mayer, Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments 2015
Reducing Water Management Risks Through Processing Changes
A Dance, C Kennedy and S Jensen. Presented at: Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, Conference of Metallurgists 2014

Implication of the Permafrost on Hydrogeological Conditions: Amaan Coking Coal Project Russia
Sylvie Ogier-Halim, International Association of Hydrgeologists Conference, 2013
Airlift Testing in Exploration Coreholes
Roger Howell, IMWA Conference, 2013
Measurement of Water in Underground Mines (ppt)
Larry Cope, SME 2013, February 27, 2013
High-Resolution Mapping of Wet Terrain within Discontinuous Permafrost using LiDAR Intensity
Christopher W. Stevens and Stephen A. Wolfe
Making the Most of Mine Water
Mining Magazine, Dr Houcyne el Edrysy, Dr Rob Bowell, Dr Tony Rex, Dr Matthew Dey and William Harding, October  2011
The Importance of a Good Mine Water Balance and the Benefit of Early Data Collection.
J.Griffiths, R. Connelly, W. Harding, Mining Magazine, July 2008
Minewater Expertise Is Now On Tap For All
Read how SRK (UK) Ltd can solve problems of minewater contamination and those of contaminated land remediation, 2001
SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd Support Article on Water Management
Contributions from Dr. R J Bowell, Mining Magazine, July/August 2010
Groundwater Flow Modelling Applications in Mining: Scopes and Limitations
Claudia Martínez, Karem de la Hoz, Cristian Pereira, 2010
Use of Numerical Groundwater Modelling for Mine Dewatering Assessment
Claudia Martínez, Vladimir Ugorets, 2010
A Perspective for New Mining Graduates
  K Sheerin, 2014


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