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Remote Sensing and Geophysics

Target delineation driven by geological processes revealed by remote sensing data


We have a unique combination of highly skilled Structural and Alteration Geologists, Geophysical Processing Experts, and Seismic Interpreters. SRK’s multi-skilled geophysical and geological team ensures the full value is unlocked from remote sensing data.

The structural geologists in SRK’s team have knowledge of mineralization controls on a wide range of deposit types. The skills applied to our interpretations are derived from mapping experience within Archean, Proterozoic, and island arc terranes. SRK’s products are unique in that they identify geological processes, rather than just lines on a map. SRK's value discriminates the geological features relevant to your exploration strategy.


  • Advanced aeromagnetic interpretations to produce structural/geological maps showing the relative timing of structural events
  • Ranking of exploration targets for specific deposit styles or commodities
  • Interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data and integration with aeromagnetic interpretations to produce 3D models of basement architecture
  • Satellite imagery interpretation for mapping of regional structures, regolith and alteration
  • Combined processing and analysis of multispectral and aeromagnetic datasets
  • Production of interactive GIS products that can be developed over time by the client
  • Regional basin analysis to identify pathways for ore-forming fluids
  • ‘Tailor-made’, on-site geophysical interpretation training courses with a focus on empowering exploration geologists with the knowledge required for the geological interpretation of geophysical data
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