Structural Geology Workshop

Structural Geology Workshop Beijing, 19 - 20 March 2014

Structural geology is an important factor in the formation and post-mineralization modification of nearly all mineral deposits. Understanding and gaining confidence in structural geology empowers geologists to add value to their projects at all stages, ranging from exploration targeting and grade control to hydrogeological and geotechnical applications.

SRK Consulting China Ltd. invites you to attend a two-day applied structural geology workshop designed to equip geologists with the tools and confidence to apply structural geology effectively and develop a better understanding of their projects. This practical and interactive workshop will be presented by SRK’s experienced structural geologists who will provide you with a workable, practical toolkit for applying structural geology to all stages of exploration and mining. The workshop comprises alternating sessions of lectures and practical exercises based on case studies from exploration, mining, geotechnical and resource projects from the global experience of SRK’s structural geologists.

SRK’s structural geology workshop previously has been presented at conferences in Santiago (2013), Lima (SEG, 2012), Antofagasta (SGA, 2011), Zacatecas (2011), and has been presented to over 2000 geologists worldwide. The workshop will be delivered in English, but a workbook containing extensive course notes in Chinese will be provided. We invite you to attend this unique opportunity for professional development in Beijing. Register quickly as space will be limited.

Course Outline

• Introduction to general concepts of structural geology and applications to mineral systems
• Structural mapping techniques for mine and exploration geologists
• 3D visualization and interpretation of geology and mineralization
• Analysis of faults and fault systems
• Analysis of folds and fold systems
• Analysis of structures in drill core
• Analysis of veins and vein systems
• Regional tectonic environments and their influence on structural control

The Workshop

19 - 20 March 2014 (9:00 - 17:00)
Registration Fee:
RMB 4,000
Hunan Plaza, Next to Beijing Railway Station
Course presenter:
Dr. Ivo Vos (SRK Canada)

For more information and registration contact Chris Huang ( or +86 10 6511 1019).



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